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Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Embassy of God, Kiev UkraineSunday Adelaja is pastor of the mega-church, "Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of all Nations", in Kiev Ukraine. After 10 years of existence, the church has grown to more than 23,000 members. Over 70 churches have been planted in Ukraine and other nations, including Russia, Belarus, Moldovia, Georgia, United States, India and United Arab Emirates.

Pastor Sunday prays, Pastor Sofia looks onPastor Adelaja has successfully implemented the G-12 system in the churches which has caused explosive growth. He says, "The main principle on which Embassy of God is founded is the "G-12" system. As one of the steps in fulfilling the vision, it is a system of discipleship, love and care for one another. This principle is taken from Jesus, our example, who had His own twelve disciples."

Pastor Sunday praying for Pastor Komovcky and his wife who are planting a church 
in the USA"Upon graduation in 1993, I moved to Kiev, Ukraine, to work as a Journalist for a television company. It was then that the Lord spoke to me about starting a church in Kiev. At first I found it difficult to believe that God was calling me to pastor a church. Remembering how the Lord had me leave two previous churches, I was worried that the same thing would happen again," states Pastor Sunday.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Embassy of God, Kiev UkraineAt that time the Lord spoke to me saying, "I am about to raise up a mega-church in Europe, at this end time and I am calling people who will establish those churches. Some people have already responded to my call. Your destiny and that of millions of other people depend on whether or not you will obey me. The primary assignment is to raise up a mega-church. The second assignment is to train up missionaries to evangelize throughout the world, especially in China and the Arab world. I want the people of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union to take the Gospel to other nations".

"God has blessed us and kept His word: He has proved that it is possible to raise up a church of several thousands of members in the former USSR, and Europe in particular," declares Sunday.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja is a prolific writer and has personally authored almost 40 books, along with over 1,000 recorded sermons. By the end 2005, its planned to have in print 20 titles in English and bring the choice of books in Russian to 100 titles. Among some of the English titles are Pastoring Without Tears and You and Your Pastor.

David Tinney at Friday night prayer service, Embassy of God, Kiev Ukraine, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Sep. 2002 "From my observation, another aspect that has brought success for Pastor Sunday is the commitment to corporate prayer. Each Friday night, organized corporate prayer service is held with around 1,000 people in attendance. This prayer service lasts from 11pm until 6am Saturday morning. A very strong Presence of God is felt each time I have attended."

Pastors Anatoliy & Nadya Bilonozhko"I was introduced to Pastor Sunday by my close friend and ministry associate, Anatoliy Bilonozhko, in March of 2000. Anatoliy and his wife Nadya were born again under Pastor Sunday's ministry when the church had less than 50 members. Anatoliy served as the church administrator for several years before he and his wife were called as pastors to Word of Grace church in Kiev. He continues to serve in several capacities, including the Spiritual Council of 12, Director of the missions department and is Bishop of more than 300 churches worldwide under the spiritual covering of the Embassy of God. Anatoliy also serves as National Director for Family Aid International." David Tinney, President, Family Aid International

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3 Days in Sacramento

Things Done in Secret

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"Words can hardly describe my meeting with Pastor Sunday Adelaja, a 33-year-old Nigerian," reports Ralph Neighbour, one of the world's most famous cell-church experts. "Sunday was invited to study in the USSR before Perestroika, at the age of 19. He was saved only weeks before travelling to the USSR. He learned as he went, with no contact with Western culture - his 'Word of Faith Bible Church' is in no way related with the 'Word of Faith' movement in the USA. The church services are attended by 17,000 people, and the 12 leaders each have responsibility for between 1,000 and 2,500 members who meet in cell groups. Sunday rents a sports arena, and holds several services each weekend. He aims to send his 12 closest associates out to plant sister churches throughout the world," says Neighbour. (DAWN FridayFax #14, April 2001)

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"Nigeria's Christians have a prophetic mandate," says Matthew Ashimolowo, a former Muslim who now leads England's largest church, the Kingsway International Christian Centre in east London. "God gave us a prophetic word that his servants will go out from our nation and shake the world." The 15,000-strong Word of Faith Bible Church, Ukraine's largest church, was founded by Sunday Adelaja, also a Nigerian, and the largest churches in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Jamaica are also led by Nigerians. (DAWN FridayFax 2002 #18)

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3 Days in Sacramento
by David Tinney,President
Family Aid International

The most unusual things happened at the conference sponsored by God's Embassy church in Sacramento, California. (October 17-20, 2003)

First of all, its a strange event that I would be accompanying Pastor Sunday on one of his ministry trips to America. Several months ago, I was in a meeting with him and the publishers of his books in Kiev. We were discussing the possibilities of having his materials translated in English and distributing them in North America. At that meeting, he casually mentioned that I should accompany him when he's ministering in America. Of course, this is an honor for me to be invited.

So in September, I decided to attend the Sacramento, California conference with him. I was looking forward to it with much anticipation of receiving a blessing from the Lord as the past four months have been a difficult time for me.

In July, my mother passed away after a lengthy illness. After returning from a ministry trip to Ukraine in August, a key employee who had worked for me for several years suddenly quit my company without notice. It seemed that hell was assaulting me with extreme measures. I was desperate for a touch from God.

DAY ONE: The ministry team arrived the day before, consisting of Pastor Sunday, Pastor Christer Segerliv from Sweden, Pastor Ade Ajala from Colorado, Dr. 'Tayo Brown from Maryland and myself. On Saturday morning, as we approached the entrance to the auditorium, I could hear a familiar Russian chorus I'm accustomed to in Ukraine. The nearer we got, the voices rose in zeal and fervor, it was just like church in Kiev. For some strange reason, I thought it might be more like the American church I'm used to, which is more subdued.

Pastor Sunday preached a powerful message from the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 10, about the axe head becomes blunt after use and must be sharpened to remain effective. Otherwise, we waste strength and resources. During the course of his message, the Holy Spirit revealed several people were being healed of various diseases, including tumors and female disorders.

DAY TWO: The conference continued and the people are challanged by Pastor Sunday to not waste their lives in America enjoying the luxury and prosperity. He confronts them with the fact of God's purpose for us is to subdue nations and bring the Kingdom of God to manifestation. After the morning service, we break for lunch and Pastor Sunday begins meeting with small groups who are desiring to start new Embassy of God churches in America. For the entire afternoon, he listens intently to each new pastor then prays and blesses their new work. I counted 12 different groups he met with. He finally finished with the last young man one hour after the evening service had begun.

Quickly, we made the 5 minute ride from Pastor Vasiliy's church to the high school auditorium where the conference was held. As we entered, I noticed practically every seat was filled and some people were standing in the back. I estimated around 1,000 people were in attendence of the final service.

Shortly after we entered, Pastor Sunday assumed control of the service. From center stage, he led us in worship and the Lord's presence filled the building. This is a trait I have noticed of Pastor Sunday, he is a worshipper of God and not ashamed to express his devotion to God in public.

Preaching with unusual power, Pastor Sunday pleads with the people to return to the Lord, seek His face and devote their lives to Him and His Kingdom. Frankly speaking, I was totally shocked when he gave the alter call, the people literally ran from their seats to the front and threw themselves to the floor, crying and weeping before the Lord in repentance. I have never seen anything like this before!

In Kiev, I have heard him speak many times, but always through an interpreter. At this conference though, he preaches in English, so I am hearing it first hand and it is very good!

After the final service, we are taken to Alex Ilnitskiy's home for a wonderful meal, including my favorite, pelmeni. Pastor Sunday continued ministering to more than 20 of Pastor Vasiliy's leaders around the dinner table, explaining to them how to be more effective in their city. We returned to the hotel just before 2am. I counted that Pastor Sunday had been ministering almost continuously for 15 hours, no man can do that unless the strength of God is upon him.

DAY THREE: The conference is over, but TBN has asked Pastor Sunday to return to Los Angeles on Tuesday to appear with Dr. Paul Crouch on his program, "Behind the Scenes." Just after 10am, I approach Pastor Sunday's room, hoping he has slept more than his usual 2 to 4 hours. I knocked on his door and I hear his soft voice answer to come in.

He is sitting at the small table, his Bible open and I see a notebook with some notes on the open page. He invites me to sit down and he turns his chair to face me. I tell him the conference has been a tremendous blessing and the Lord has not disapointed me. He begins to speak to me softly, I'm straining to hear every word from this man who walks with God. Suddenly, he rises from his chair and walks to me, I bow my head as he places his hands upon my head and he begins to pray. It is a holy moment, I sense the presence of the Lord and tears begin to slip from my eyes, sliding down my cheeks, dropping to the carpet.

He ends the prayer and quietly sits down, informing me he wants to continue reading his Bible. I sat for several moments, enjoying the Lord's presence. Pastor Sunday is sitting with his back to me, reading, as I rise from my chair and return to my room.

Shortly after 1pm, Pastor Vasilily and Lidiya arrive at the hotel to meet with Pastor Sunday. Alex Ilnitskiy, our driver, is also with them as they enter Pastor's room. I am lying on my bed, reading and making some notes when I hear what I think is wailing and strong praying. I rise from the bed and open the door to my room. Directly across from me is Pastor Sunday's room and there are loud noises and shouting come from it. Unfortunately, the voices are in Russian and I cannot understand but I can tell something serious is happening. I step back into my room and shut the door, asking myself what I should do. After a few moments, I opened my door again and Pastor Christer is standing in front of Pastor Sunday's room, looking quite bewildered as the noises are still coming from Pastor Sunday's room.

I walked across the hallway and asked him what he is thinking. Pastor Christer says, "I was in my room, which is directly under Pastor Sunday's room and I heard the most awful commotion, like chairs being thrown against the wall. My first thought is, 'Pastor Sunday is being attacked', so I ran down here to see what I could do to help him."

I do not know what to do, the shouting, increasing in intensity, continues to come from the room we are standing outside of. Suddenly, the hotel security officer appears, and informs us he has heard the noise and wants to know if everything is alright. Pastor Christer informs him yes, he believes they are praying.

For some time, we stand outside of Pastor Sunday's room, praying in the Spirit, hoping against hope that something terrible has not happened.

Suddenly, the door opens and Alex steps out. Pastor Christer and I grab him and demand to know what is going on, what is happening? In a very quiet and solemn voice, he informs us, "Heaven has came down."

Oh no, I'm thinking someone very close to Pastor has gone home to be with Jesus! How could this be? My mind is racing, my heart is pounding...

Pastor Christer regains his composure and asks Alex to explain. Alex, a smile breaking across his face, says, "Pastor Vasiliy has just recieved a revelation from the Lord. Not only will he subdue this nation, but several nations, including South America!"

EPILOG: I have returned to Oklahoma and I know that I have been changed. I heard Pastor Sunday tell a young minister, "I walk with God, I am His friend." I have never heard anyone speak with such boldness and confidence in God. A seed has been planted in my life from Sacramento, a desire to know God much more intimately and to walk with Him as His friend.

I believe the Sacramento conference was strategic in nature. Many new churches will be planted in North America as a result. I only knew Pastor Vasiliy casually before he left Kiev to come to America but now I have had the opportunity to get to know him better and see his heart. He has the heart of a father and will raise up a multitude of ministers. I believe he is a key man in what the Lord is doing in America.

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Things Done in Secret
by Lorrie Gibbons
Western Ontario District Newsletter, Pentacostal Assemblies of Canada

I was very impressed with Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the speaker at our recent Fall District Conference. It wasnít his oratory ability that really impressed me. It wasnít his ability to exegete the Scripture or his great theological prowess. It wasnít even his obvious leadership ability or his ministry track record.

I was very impressed with something that took place at the conclusion of our District Conference. Pastor David Shepherd, our District Superintendent asked if I would host Pastor Sunday following the Wednesday night rally at Kennedy Road Tabernacle.

I was happy to serve in this capacity as I think of myself as a bit of a food and fellowship expert. I mean, there is nothing I would rather do than have dinner with a worldwide evangelist. Seriously, I was looking forward to spending some personal time with Pastor Sunday and getting to know him on a one-to-one level. You can tell much about a speaker when you meet him personally.

After the Wednesday night service I approached Pastor Adelaja and mentioned to him that I would be taking him out for supper when he was ready to leave the auditorium. He looked at me very apologetically and stated ďIím sorry pastor, but I really canít do that.Ē I was a little taken back since I realized that he hadnít eaten since lunchtime so I said, ďOh no Pastor Sunday, everything has been arranged so that you might be able to go out and have a bite to eat before you go back to your hotel room. He looked very sheepish and humbly stated that he couldnít go out for supper since he had some guests coming to his hotel room.

I asked him, ďHow many guests do you have coming?Ē

He replied that he had invited six people to come to his room to spend some time with him and that he just needed me to take him back to his hotel room to meet with his guests. I inquired whether he had eaten anything since noon hour and he stated that he really hadnít, but that that was okay, he would be fine.

I pushed the matter and told him I would be more than happy to drive him to his hotel and then go and get some take-out food for him and his guests.

He was overwhelmed with my generosity and said that would just be wonderful. When I dropped Pastor Sunday off at his hotel, his guests were waiting for him. There appeared to be a mother and father, two little girls and another couple. They greeted Pastor Sunday with such joy and enthusiasm that I thought they must have been old friends.

I left and went to the local Swiss Chalet and bought enough food to feed all of them and returned to Pastor Sundayís hotel room approximately a half hour later.

When I knocked on the door one of the men opened it and invited me in. When I walked into the room I could sense the very presence of the Lord. I could hear Pastor Sunday praying and as I put the food down on the table and turned, I saw the most amazing thing. This is what really impressed me. Pastor Sunday was sitting with the little girl on his knee praying feverently for her healing.

As I looked closely I realized that the little girl was very sick and needed a real touch in her body. I began to realize that Pastor Sunday had invited this family to share in his hotel room so he could pray specifically for this little girl.

The mother was sitting close by her daughter, crying. The father was greatly moved as he stood by his wifeís side and the other couple was obviously there to support them in prayer.

I only stayed for a moment but as I looked towards Pastor Sunday I realized, here was a man who had spent much of the last two days ministering publicly and certainly was physically and emotionally spent.

I knew from conversation earlier that Pastor Sunday had to leave from his hotel very early the next day.

I was impressed by a man who didnít just publicly display his expertise but who really meant business and would give of himself privately in an unseen room to minister to one little girlís need.

Now, THAT impressed me.

He wasn't there in that hotel room to make any kind of an impact on me or the conference.He was there praying for a child because she needed healing.

I believe that true greatness is demonstrated in unseen things and unseen times.

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In Ukraine, a Nigerian Cleric Makes Waves
This Day Online

With a mere $20 bill in pocket when he arrived the then communist Eastern Europe of Ukraine 16 years ago, Sunday Adelaja's Embassy of the Kingdom of God has become Africa's largest Church in Europe with over 20, 000 followership, writes Godwin Ifijeh

Like it was in all of the former Soviet Union, the mention of religion or even God was a taboo in the then Ukraine.

To the people, God never existed. Of course, this was not surprising. The communist barrier erected around the people completely cut them off from not only the rest of the world but from every other thing alien to communism.

But from as early as 1994, a young Nigerian Cleric, Sunday Adelaja, braved the odds.

He had gone to the former Soviet Union on government scholarship for a degree programme.

As a country, where the English Language is not spoken, to be able to get on with his studies, he had to understand and speak the language. He not only did, he got so used to the people, lived with them, read and obtained a second degree and got a job as a journalist in a local television station in the country.

Tried as he did to continue with his journalism practice, he could not.

Shortly before he left for the then Soviet Union about 16 years ago, God had appeared before him three days running, opening his future, calling and destiny to him.

"He showed me what I am now doing 16 years ago. I had had an encounter with the Lord, appearing before me three consecutive days to show me my future, my future calling and destiny. That was 16 years ago," Adelaja, the Nigerian cleric with the largest follower ship in Europe, on visit home from his busy evangelical activities in the Ukraine, began the story of his well acclaimed successful mission in that part of the world, in company of the amiable Senior Pastor of the House on the Rock, Paul Adefarasin.

"I went through my course, read up to masters level in the communist kingdom to give me the platform to be able to realise my objective.

"I worked briefly as a journalist in one of the TV stations, started our church in 1994, by the grace of the Lord, I was able to break through the white community.

"By the end of the first year, we were over 1000, eight years later today ,we are over 20,000 in the Embassy of the Kingdom of God in Ukraine," Adelaja continued.

Achieving the feat for Adelaja was by the sheer grace of God's anointing.

He had been faced with alot of challenges, one, the communist back ground of the people, the other and perhaps the most daunting, a black man as he was, doing what he was doing in an all white enclave.

The people, including top government officials were not particularly comfortable with that fact, posing many challenges and obstacle to him, including threats to his life.

"All that," the cleric said, "was not completely unexpected. As a communist setting, the intellectual, the aged and the young have been trained and brought up to believe that there was no God, they were involved in magic and other ways.

"So, talking of the glory of God was strange to them, as they never believed there was God.

"As it were, we really needed the holy spirit, God, to give us the word, the message to minister to them and touch their hearts. Alot of work was really done.

"Another problem we faced was that with the realisation of the limitations of communism and its collapse, the populace did not have anything to do with another form of communism. There was the fear that religion could enthrone them in another form of detention .

"So, to get around that, we went to the prostitutes, the outcasts, drug addicts, the alcoholics and social outcasts.

"It worked out. We preached the ministry to them and tried to restore them.

"With those people delivered and cleaned up to once again become normal people, their parents started coming to the church to find out what happened.

"It dawned on them that there must be something about what we were trying to do.

"The church became socially relevant to the community with government realising that we are doing what they couldn't do.

"As it were, resolving the social ills of the society gave us the edge.

"With more people, being touched and coming into the church, I spoke to the businessmen among us, telling them that they didn't need to give money to the church but to fund projects of benefits to the poor.

"I told them that I will find it difficult to cope, seeing poor people live around me.

"One of the businessmen, a banker, he owns a bank in the country, bought the idea that we set up a student centre, undertook to fund it with $10,000 monthly to commit his business to the Lord.

"We set up the centre, he was giving us the $10,000 monthly to fund the place and we began to provide people with three square meals daily at the centre.

"Before we realised it, we were feeding 2,000 people daily at the centre, the government became overwhelmed. There was nothing they could do to us anymore.

"Since we feed them, the people became our friends, they were ready to listen to us anytime, the government had no option but to befriend us because they realised that the people would resist any government that would fight us".

Pastor Adelaja has no doubt broke into Ukraine, once a traditional stronghold of communism.

The church grew rapidly, beating all imaginations and even causing some upsets in some quarters.

Some had insinuated that they were involved in rituals just as envy set in for others who wondered how a man, a black man at that, could come from another country to do better than them.

Adelaja was not one to be deterred, saying: "As a pastor, my priority is to make men. Infact, in Russia, people call me a factory that produce successful people. Everybody around the country call me factory to tell you the impact we have made in the society.

"My focus was to remain a developer of men, I work to train men to become fulfilled and successful.

"Besides, some of the miracles God had performed through us had also helped the church. God has been using men to spread the word of knowledge and in our own case in the Ukraine, every member of the over 20,000-member Church is involved in the spread of the word of God.

"So, the last three years, for example, we had about five people raised from the dead in our ministry.

"I was not involved in any of them , they were done through members of the church".

Since then, The Embassy of the kingdom of God in Ukraine has not only grown to make Adelaja an African clergy running the largest Church in Europe, Ukraine is home to him today, having forged such a perfect understanding and relationship with the people.

"Even those, who once saw me as an enemy not to be tolerated have today become friends. As the church kept growing, even sworn enemies started coming to me with gifts and apologising that they were wrongly criticising me.

"Of course, I am at home in the country today. I think I should also say this that when I get to the country about 16 years ago, I had just $20 in my pocket, then got through with my students, took up a job as a journalist in a television station and used my earnings to finance the plan to substitute the little we were realising from tithes and offerings," Adelaja provided an insight into his beginning in Ukraine.

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Biography of Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Sunday Sunkanmi Adelaja was born in the village of Idomila Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria. He attended St. Paul Primary School for his early education and then completed Idomila Community High School. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord in March 1986 just before graduation. Like others in his school, he was praying and searching for a scholarship to study at a Nigerian university. However, the Lord had a different plan. After graduation, the young Sunday received a scholarship to study journalism at Byelarussian State University, USSR.

For a Christian of only six-months, the Soviet Union was a difficult place to be. Just as he was contemplating returning to Africa, he heard God whisper into his heart, "I have a purpose for bringing you here." He returned to his life and studies with restored vigour and hope. He continued his studies and remained a committed and active Christian. There were trials and persecution from the Communists, but God kept him through the years. However, the period after the fall of communism was also a dangerous time for Christians. Many of Sunday's friends, although surviving the persecution, fell away in the atmosphere of sin and moral bankruptcy that followed in the wake of freedom.

Sunday received the call to enter the ministry early in his Christian life, but continued his journalism education. As the time neared for his graduation from university, he made no plans for a career in professional journalism. Knowing that he was to be in the fulltime ministry, he began to seek professional preparation by investigating Bible schools. God interrupted his search and told him, “I have different ways of preparing my Generals, one way is by associating them with existing leaders in the body of Christ. Another way is through Bible School. The third means of preparation is by raising up the leaders in a strong local church. However, when I want to do something new and unique, I take my Generals to the wilderness. This is your wilderness in Russia and it is your preparation, your Bible school.”

Sunday and his friends, who had served with him in the underground church, began to travel throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union and teach, preach and plant churches. They did this until they were detained by KGB officials in Belarus. The government demanded that Sunday be deported and God paved the way for Sunday to enter Ukraine.

As Sunday and his friends were praying against the deportation declaration, he received a call inviting him to interpret for Jeff Davis, a pastor travelling and speaking in Ukraine. Sunday paid for the ticket himself and went to Ukraine to "do the Lord a favour." A few weeks after this trip, Sunday received a phone call from Pastor Davis. He had signed a contract with a television station in Kyiv and needed someone there to represent his interest. Several months later Sunday Adelaja arrived in Kyiv ready to begin his job at the station.

He worked diligently at the station, exhibiting the Godly character that he still lives today. The director of the station noticed the difference and began to ask questions about his life. Sunday responded by preaching the Gospel. So impressed, the director asked Sunday to create a program with Christian values. Thus God opened the door for Sunday to minister the Gospel through television each week, and get paid to do it! God allowed Sunday to begin spreading the Gospel before beginning a church.

When he arrived in Kyiv he told God that he did not want to start a church in Kyiv because he did not want to leave another church in its infant stage. He had started churches in Belarus and God had told him to leave just as it was getting established. However, God revealed that there was a purpose in leaving the churches. God was teaching him not to embed his heart in the churches he began. God does not want his ministers to "own" churches or denominations, but to rather be caretakers and ready to follow the Master's voice and call. By 1993, Sunday could no longer deny the urge of the Holy Spirit to begin a church.

In November of 1993, Sunday began a Bible study in his apartment with about seven people. The church grew quickly and in 1994 was registered under the name Word of Faith Bible Church. Before he formally started the church, Sunday went before God to get revelation. God revealed the vision of the church to Sunday and asked if he would obey.

Pastor Sunday founded the church upon the following words from God: God is desiring to build a mega-churches in Kyiv and had given the vision of starting mega-churches to others in Europe as well; also, God wanted a missionary church that would send out missionaries all over the world, especially China and the Arab countries. These revelations are still motivating factors in the church today.

Seven months after founding the church, Pastor Sunday married his princess, Abosede. After living in the former Soviet Union for eight years, Pastor Sunday had almost given up hope of marrying someone from Africa or Nigeria. When he felt it was time to marry, he went directly to God and began to pray. Pastor Sunday was invited to help organize a conference in Moscow conducted by Bishop Wale Oke. At the conference he first saw Bose and knew that he must knew her more. He prayed and received a sure word and revelation from the Lord that he was to marry Bose and then began pursuing her. They communicated by telephone until they met again. At this meeting, Pastor Sunday knelt at her feet to ask her hand in marriage. Now Pastor Sunday and Bose have been blessed with three wonderful children - Perez, ZoŽ and Pearl.

In the nine years since Pastor Sunday began the church with seven people in his apartment, God has done miraculous things. The church has continued to multiply even though they had to change locations many times in the first few years. Pastor Sunday and the church have overcome many lawsuits sponsored by the government. The government has attempted to deport Pastor Sunday several times, but the united prayers of the church all over the world caused the process to fail. Now the church has over 20 thousand members in Kyiv alone, with over 15 services each Sunday in different halls of Kyiv. Below are some statistics that display the things God has done in Kyiv through His servant, Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

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Photographs taken by David Tinney,
@ Embassy of God, Kiev Ukraine